Thursday, October 20, 2005

And now for something a little different

Kathy over at Zucchinis in Bikinis has invited all Melbourne baby bloggers to The Inaugural Melbourne Baby Blogger Picnic. See below for details. If you're interested, leave your details in the comments of this post on Kathy's blog.
Baby Blogger Meet-Up
Ok, so here is the invitation... I have given three alternative dates and will confirm which it will be in the next post, based on responses. If you are interested, please indicate in comments and include an email address that I can use to directly mail further details and confirmations. Please also advertise the event on your own blogs, if you would be so kind, and encourage any interested parties to drop in here to RSVP (so I can keep a handle on numbers).

All Melbourne-based bloggers who write about babies and children (your own or a relative's) are invited to:

The Inaugural Melbourne Baby Blogger Picnic

When: 1pm to 5pm
Sunday 4 December OR Saturday 10 December OR Sunday 11 December
Where: A central city location, TBC by email to respondents (We will have a fine-weather and wet-weather alternative)
Bring: Yourselves, your offspring, food, cameras, toys etc (balaclavas optional :-)
It might be nice to bring a toy or game that others can share and enjoy; we will be bringing our bubble gun, for instance, which is usually enjoyed by kids from a few months up.