Thursday, September 27, 2012

Roll on summer

I don't normally wish time away, but not having had a break since last summer and not having a break until this coming summer, I can't wait for summer to roll around.

I'm working right up until Xmas Eve so I can take advantage of the leave I have available to me. Then I don't return to work until 30th January. Geez I need a break.

With Karen and Patrick off to Jamboree in Maryborough, Qld on New Years Day, I'm looking forward to taking Angus, Owen and Lily to Wollongong for a few days to go to the beach and maybe even Jamberoo fun park. Oh, and I do get to go bowling for a few days before Karen and Patrick leave! The South Pacific bowls carnival on the NSW South Coast is the biggest bowls carnival going at that time of year - and it draws a great field.

So, while I have to wait, I am looking forward to it - and the 9 days camping at Tidal River (Wilsons Promontory) at the end of January.

Roll on summer...

Friday, September 14, 2012

Flat out weekend

It all begins tomorrow morning with Karen taking Owen and Angus to friends places to spend the morning before being taken to basketball. During that time Karen is going to ARAP (district Scout AGM thingy) and I'm bowling.

Then in the evening I'm running the bar at the club while Karen hosts the kindergarten trivia night fundraiser at the club!

It doesn't stop there. On Sunday it's St Joseph's open day and I'll be taking Angus along for a look while Karen wrangles some scouts at a fundraising bob-a-job for Jamboree.

Hopefully next weekend we can get some time in the garden. Phew!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Time flies

Before we know it, the end of term 3 will be upon us and school holidays mean no drop offs and (for some family members) no need for an early rise.

Patrick has the opportunity to go to Walhalla for 4 days with some scouts in our district - another chance for a pre-Jamboree camp. Angus, Owen and Lily will likely want to see a couple of school holiday movies and Angus and Owen also like to have the occasional sleepover. It never ends!

The end of term 3 also means that start of the bowls pennant season is upon us :)