Friday, April 29, 2005

Welcome to our new blog

Hi everybody and welcome to our new website. It's in the format of a weblog (or blog) and will make it simpler for Karen and I to post updates about the family and our happenings.

It also gives you all the chance to leave a little comment after a post rather than send an email if you prefer.

As an update, Patrick returned to school two weeks ago after having the 2 week school holidays. He has been having swimming lessons during the school day for the last 2 weeks and we've noticed a big improvement in his swimming lesons on the weekends which he and Angus still attend.

During the school holidays Monika, Richard and Anthony came down from Sydney and stayed for a week. We all had a lovely time and got to show them many of Melbourne's sites. The day they left was the day Brian and Viv arrived from Sydney. Brian and Viv are still here and have been giving Karen oodles of help in the garden, house and with the kids. It hasn't been all hard work - we've managed to got to the Flemington Craft and Produce Markets, get some shopping done, visit Williamstown and attend the local Anzac Day service and march.

This weekend will see us take a day trip to Geelong as well as some more work around the yard.

I'll be decommissioning the existing website, BUT I will move the photos to a place viewable by all. I'll place a link on the right hand side with the other links when I've done this. In the future we'll post photos into pour blog posts to let you see what we've been doing.

Have a great weekend :)