Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas in Sydney

Christmas day was marked by present opening ceremonies (starring our children), followed by a lovely Christmas lunch, a little nap and lovely evening feasting on more ham and lunch items. A very lovely day.

Boxing Day on the other hand was spent at the epicentre of trouble in Sydney - Cronulla. We visited Damien, Kellie, Kaitlyn, Isabellah and Jasper and took a trip to the beach. As a result of recent events in Cronulla, it now boasts the mantles of the safest beach and safest suburb in NSW.

The beach was well attended, but crowds were well down on a hot Boxing Day prior to the riots. Anyway, we had a blast and Owen had his first beach visit.





Owen was so impressed and felt so safe he even made a new friend.


The photo below depicts two brothers. Can you choose the one that normally resides in Melbourne?


Well, we've got an action packed 2 weeks ahead of us. Visits to friends and families, trips here and there as well as the ride home are all planned between now and January 8th. So if you're in Sydney and want a piece of the action, give us a call! Have a great New Year everybody.

Thursday, December 22, 2005


Tomorrow we're heading north to Sydney for Christmas. We're all staying for 2 weeks and then returning so that I may go back to work to keep everybody in the lifestyle to which they've become accustomed.

It's been a very busy day just one day before the road trip. Karen had a wisdom tooth break away last night and it required an emergency removal today! Barkley had the cruellest cut of all today and will be feeling a bit sore and sorry for a couple of days before he forgets what all the fuss was about! And now we've got to pack and get the house ready for our imminent departure!

As well as being busy today, we've been very busy for the past month - the silly season. We've had Christmas parties, picnics, Xmas conerts - The Works.

We recently had a picnic in the Royal Botanic Gardens with some other folks who keep a blog (weblog - this kind of website) about kids and family. We took the dogs and they were a hit with the daughter of Kathy (the organiser). Alia was rapt in Hayley and Barkley and they did not mind the attention at all.




It was a gorgeous day and we'll be doing it all again some time in the New Year.