Monday, September 18, 2006

I'm here, then I'm there...

What a busy 2 weeks it's been. I was in Christchurch last week for work. I could have been in Tibet for all I can tell about Christchurch. I went from the airport to the motel, to the office, back to the motel, etc.

While in NZ, I called home only to be informed that we were to head to Sydney once I returned as the school holidays have then started. Mid next week it's back to Melbourne for me and the family will follow on the weekend. Very busy indeed.

We managed to surprise Angela (Karen's sister) with our arrival in Sydney. Ang thought we were visiting friends in Victoria and when she arrived at her Mum's place to welcome her Mum and Dad home from Melbourne, she was confronted by Clan Walker.

As those of you who follow the AFL would well know, the Saints were subsequently bundled out of the finals on the night we went to see them. Gallant in defeat, they led all night until injuries forced them to succumb to a second rate Demons side 10 minutes from full time. And the following week saw the coach sacked! I learnt of this while in NZ - and not from the NZ media either!

Well, if you read this before we leave Sydney and would like to catch up, give us a holler! Ciao.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Footy Finals Fever

St Kilda have made the finals again. The faithful live in hope. I have managed to secure tickets to tomorrow nights clash with Melbourne Demons at the spiritual home of football - the MCG. Patrick, his mate Nathan and myself are going along tomorrow night to see which Victorian team will form half of the Victorian assault on the Premiership semi-finals next weekend against the losers of this weekends interloping interstate battles being waged in Adelaide and Perth.

It could be a very long drive home from the MCG tomorrow night or I might take two 8 year olds out on the town to mark the success! (just joking Child Services!)

On a different note, just when we thought Spring had sprung, we've had over an inch of rain in Upwey during the first week of September. You never can tell.

Friday, September 01, 2006


After a mild-ish winter and one that did not deliver on the snow front, Spring has well and truly sprung on the first day of September in Melbourne. We were languishing with only half an inch of rain for the month of August until about the 20th, then in the space of two days we received an inch and a half!

Now on September 1st, we've had the hottest start to September ever - a fat 25 deg C!

Patrick has just arisen from his bed and is trying to tell me he needs a fan! I'm sure we'll be back to long sleeves and hot water bottles in the next few days.