Friday, April 30, 2010

As we enter the cooler months ...

As the summer season of junior basketball reaches its' climax - the final series - soccer has begin and the winter season of basketball is upon us. Coupled with that winter activity for all aspiring AFL 5-8 years olds - Auskick - our Saturdays are chaotic for the foreseeable future!

Coming up in May (it begins tomorrow, and wasn't that quick!) we have Owen's birthday (6), my own birthday (38 already!) and we round out the month with Patrick's birthday (12 OMG!). Along with that there are more bills to pay, more instalments for school camps to pay and more errands to run - I'm in Brisbane for a day trip on the 13th! It never ends.

Apart from that, the nights are getting longer, the grass is not growing so fast (yippee!) and the temperatures are beginning to plummet. I like winter :)

Anyway, here's a snap from our recent visit to Mirboo North where we caught up with the Beecrofts (after far too long).